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I am

In Service of

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I'm Ocean Gezina 

Women, their bodies, their sensuality, their pleasure & their power, have been the red thread tying my life together. I am here to connect you to your inner sense of Beauty, to your Sensuality, and to your Feminine Freedoms.

So we may reclaim, and liberate, ourselves & our bodies. Together.



Picture by Authentic Captures

A woman in her pleasure

is a woman in her power


I live



In service of

The Sensual Feminine

for every fiber in my body

every drop of blood in my veins

every shimmer in my eyes 


that it is a woman fully in her power

who will transform not only herself

but the world she chooses too

And a woman connected to her sensuality

Is a woman connected to her pleasure

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Join me on the Path towards Sensual Liberation. Embodied & Integrated, for our highest Sensual Expressions & Freedoms. 

A 3-6 month Journey into Integration, Embodiment, and Deepening in connection with the body & self-love.

Get a taste of my work

for your enjoyment my dear 

Meditations Channeled during CWD trajectories **

Mantra Sequence Clarity & SpaceFlowcean
00:00 / 10:41
Into Soft DarknessFlowcean
00:00 / 23:43
Visualisation ClearingFlowcean
00:00 / 24:35

ps gorgeous - shoot us a message with your experience, we'd LOVE to hear it.

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Most Channeled Visualisations are client-specific. However, sporadically, I am called to create a more 'general' visualisation/meditation based on the client's needs. Of these, some examples are made available for you to enjoy 

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Does not capture a moment in time as a picture does


She captures a part of her soul

visual portals into your feminine essence

click below for more information 

and on how to get started on the process of your own musification

The Sensual Feminine desires to be fully expressed

To be fully alive in every moment - however that looks & feels like to her

She desires to be worshipped



In all of her hundred forms

Honoured in each of her facets

Desired in each of her expressions 

In honour to her

In honour to the Sensual Feminine within me

In honour of the Sensual Feminine alive in every woman


I share her expressions with you

In some of millions of ways

In manners that evolve, change their minds, their forms

As does she

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