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The Gaze of Beauty


The Gaze of Beauty is an in-depth program that offers both practical, theoretical & spiritual tools to develop the Gaze of Beauty. The Gaze of Beauty holds Love & Compassion, Excitement & Passion, Gratitude. It is a way of looking at yourself, others & the world at large. The Gaze of Beauty is a way of seeing. It is a way of Being. The Gaze of Beauty offers a theoretical framework to reprogram your definitions of Beauty, in order for you to learn to see your own beauty. Because even if you might not see it right now - you, my love, truly are beautiful. And I wish for you to see that too. The Gaze of Beauty will prove to be a better investment in you feeling beautiful about yourself than any product might do - especially in the long term. No matter how beautiful your new lip-filler, new mascara, or new dress makes you feel - learning to look at yourself through the Gaze of Beauty will allow for you to ALWAYS have access to that feeling of Beauty that these kinds of products help you achieve. Are you ready to see your own Beauty?

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