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& Self-Love 

1:1 coaching

courting your way into your own heart

"Ocean, you know what the world needs more of" - A. 

My love,


I want to aid you in coming to a place of deep reverence for your own body, and a place of deeply rooted & grounded self-love. I want to aid you as you learn to forgive yourself, and witness you as you grow into your strengths. Into a space of deeper connection to yourself, your core, your internal world. And see how this ripples out into your external reality.


I do this work in various ways - both through in-person and online experiences. I also offer individual guidance and support.


I want to empower you into your body & deep sense of self-love, dearest.


I am an intuitive coach, guide & space holder. All my knowledge, tools & practices are self-developed, self-taught, experience based, and inspired by my own teachers & guides. I would not offer this work to you in this way if I did not know with every fiber in my being and every bone in my body that I can deeply hold, support & help you grow. I have been on this path for several years, and the tools I have developed have (and are still) proving immensely valuable for both myself and others. And I would love to share them with you too.

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A 3-month 1:1 journey in order to deepen the connection to your body & to cultivate flourishing self-love.

So that you may deeper experience all the love & pleasures in this life. So that you may walk with greater confidence and reverence in this world. So that you may feel deeper connected to yourself, and see how your life transforms through that. 

Coming to a place of deep reverence to your own body

Deeply rooted & grounded self-love

In deeper connection to your body and your self

I wish to support you into a deeper connection to your own body. Into a space of more comfort in your own body. I want for you to be so centred in your own confidence, desires, and openness that there's no other way than for that to ripple out into the world and your relationship(s).


We will be focussing on your relationship with your body, connectedness, sensuality, and self-love.


And I want to do so by directing our attention (mainly) to the following topics:


1) Safety in your own body & cultivating deep rest


2) Owning your needs & forgiving yourself for them


3) Deepening the relationship you have to your sensuality, sexuality, and overall pleasure

courting your way into your own heart


Just like a new relationship with all the potential for true depth

We do not rush into this.

We get to know our bodies & our Sensual Selves

through Devotion

through Courtship

though commitment to Self

through a fully-choosing

Just as your female body opens up to the partner you can trust fully

your female body opens up fully

gifting you all of her gifts, pleasures & wisdoms

when she can fully trust you

and fully feel

your devotion to her too. 


You'll receive

  • A customized coaching journey - there's no one-size-fits-all here. We go where you need to go. And we start exactly where you're at. 

  • 1-on-1 coaching & spaceholding calls every other week.

  • weekly check in moments through chat and/or voicenote (Voxer or Signal) in order to stay in- tune and moving

  • custom visualisations, meditations, journaling prompts and/or other practices. Created for and tailored to you as needed.

This is coaching-recipe is specifically designed as to allow you the space to integrate & embody. Mind you, we go deep. And there is spaciousness. Relaxation. Exhales. Nourishment for your body, mind & soul.

REBRANDING  (40).jpg

So you may feel fulfilled in love - because you fulfil yourself 

So you may love yourself deeply, and love others from a place of sharing your love


So you may feel, know with your whole being and body that you are deserving of a healthy and loving relationship - and this comes natural to you, as you set your standards for relating in the ways that you relate to yourself.


This will show up in the ways you relate to others.

In your relationships to others. Because once you have cultivated the art of self-love, you do not need another to feel loved anymore.


Their love to you is their greatest gift, as your love to them is yours.


No external anything is needed for you to feel fulfilled, nobody is the object of your affection. Those you loved are loved for who they are - not because you need them for how they make you feel. This is a true place an authentic place and here, we start nourishing the soul for this expression of truth to flourish - by courting your way into your own heart

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