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Conscious Webdesign

This service is all about building your online space with Purpose. And Decorating/Building/Creating with Purpose is all about what you want to invite into your space and what that actually looks like to you. What does sensuality looks like for you? What does empowerment look like to you? What does your mission look like to you?

In order to figure this out together, we dive deep into your essence, as well as your brand. What visually represents your mission? How does your soulwork look? Together we go into various practices designed specifically for me to get into your field, to emerge myself in what it is you wish to convey so that I can take that vibe & pour it into your very own juicy sexy & hot AF online space. 

The Process

In order for me to gain a deep & embodied understanding of you & your brand, we'll engage in various practices together. Ideally I'll visit your home, and we'll take plenty of space & time to dedicate our full attention to what lights you up & to discover what your essence feels like, so that I can pour that into the shape of a website for you. 

We'll be diving deep & we'll be diving fast, so the first 3 weeks we'll have weekly calls (or meetings) so that I can fully emerge myself in your vibes ;) During these first weeks we'll do most of our work together - afterwards I will start building the website & we'll limit our calls to a frequency that feels right for us in order to stay in touch and to make sure we're still in alignement on where we are going visually.

The Conscious Webdesign Offering is for those of you who have made your passion into your business, and who've been wanting a website that is reflective of both you and your brand for quite some time now, but never really got around to it.

I've been there myself, and it took me 4 years to get started on my website. I later realized that this was because I was still shaping some ideas around my business, and I was missing a certain clarity to undertake action. But once I finally did, I learned what tools are needed to get to that place, and I realised I loved building it! To me, Conscious Webdesign is noting more than Decorating with Purpose (next to the tech skills ofc lol).

And Decorating with Purpose is all about what impulses you want to invite into your spaces; what impulses do you wish to be exposed to on a daily basis? What do you want to invite into your life, and what does that actually look like? 

Decorating with Purpose in relation to webdesign is just the slightest bit different in my opinion, because it as a more outward component to it as well. Next to asking questions such as 'what do I want to invite into my space & what does this look like to me', we also consider questions that relate to who you are, who your business is, and what you wish to convey to people visiting your website. What do you want to evoke in them? What do you want them to feel? What does your offer feel like to you, and how do we translate that to a website that will give others that same feeling? 

We deepdive into such questions together. My Conscious Webdesign offer is a highly customized process, wherein we explore different aspects of you and your business. We do this so that both of us gain a deeper and deeper understanding of the essence of you and your business - something I need to emerge myself in in order to convert these essences into the shape of an online space ;) 

As you might be able to tell, I am really enthusiastic about this! I believe that this offer does not only result in a beautiful website that is totally you, but also provides for deep and powerful insights into yourself & your brand, and we will get there by using tools that wil prove valuable to you, not only now, but also for and in the future of your business. 

You will receive ...

A closer understanding of your personal style & how you decorate yourself and your (online) spaces

A deep-dive into why and how your brand is an extension of you 

Tools to for visualisation & manifestation that you can apply anywhere in your life where you want to invite anything into your field 

At least 1 in person meeting, for which (if possible & if this feels aligned for you) I will come to your home, your sanctuary, your decorated physical space. 

Journaling prompts & exercises to explore the essences of you and your brand now AND in the future 

1:1 sessions TWICE per week in the first 3 weeks - after this we will limit ourselves to (bi-)weekly updates. 

& obviously a website that is YOURS to its very core ;)  

I am SO excited to be offering this to you. If you feel a definite YES and want to dive into this process to me, go send me a message (here& we'll plan a (free!) discovery call to see if this feels right to us & if it feels aligned to dive into this process together. 


The exchange for this ranges based on the size of the website, but we start at 1111,- EUR and after the discovery call & if we decide to create this together, I'll be able to give you a tailored indication based on your needs & desires. Besides this, I'm using the platform Wix (which means that - if you desire to lose their ads on your site (as well as work with your own domain name) - you'll also be paying a monthly fee to this platform). This offering is more about the process & the endproduct for both you and me, than it is about me putting many many MANY hours in to coding it from scratch and managing your domain for you (Wix will take care of that) - that's not what this is about. This is about us, creating something that feels authentic to you & your business, together, and the ways in which I facilitate that and deliver the online space to you are what makes this approach so special ;) 

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