Conscious WebDesign

This is for the soulpreneur

for those who have made

or are making

their passions into their business

For those 

who are working to create a life in which they can live and thrive by offering their unique gifts to the world


is for the soulpreneur

who is ready to dive deep

and to create that digital visual representation of this extension of themselves

that they've been craving for 

The website of the soulpreneur is more than a website. It is a reflection of your passions & your soul.

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What we do in Conscious WebDesign ... is really diving into you

We go into the things that you offer

We explore why you offer them

Until we've reached your essences & the essences of your biz

and venture into what those things look like ..

to you

My love,

Your multifacetedness .... is your website's future prowess.

Because all these different things that you offer, that you do, that you are passionate about... they all have this gorgeously big common denominator connecting them all. And that common denominator is YOU. And all these things that you offer... they are an extension of some part of you. They tap into what you value, what you deem important, what lights you up. And so, this is really the common ground between all your offers - and this is exactly what's going to tie thenm AND your website together.

A variety of offers is beautiful. And it's also where the power of Conscious WebDesign lies; on you being this multidimensional beign, on you being this unique individual with various gifts to share, on you not sticking to this idea that your business should be centered on one thing and one thing only, one direction only. Rather, your business is an extension of you, of the things that you care about and the things that you want to share with the world. And this, my love, is the perspective we take in CWD. These, my love, are the things we are going to dive into, the how of which we figure out together. Through various practices and a bunch of specificially designed tools that we utilize to get there. And the how of how we actually tie them together and how we're going to represent that on your website is naturally going to flow from that.