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Conscious WebDesign

This..... is for the Soulpreneur

By Ocean Gezina & Noana Smits

Allegorical Figures by Jean Simon Berthélemy

"The website of the Soulpreneur is more than a website..... it is a reflection of your passions & your Soul."

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Conscious WebDesign is not webdesign - it entails webdesign. It is so much more, and goes so much deeper.


Conscious WebDesign is a feeling- and emotion based approach to webdesign, wherein we work with the unconscious and integrate the ratio, instead of solely working from the mind. In other words, Conscious WebDesign is a Feminine approach to webdesign.

What does this mean? This means that there's no stress, only intention. No pressure, only direction. We work with a flexible time-table based on our flow, on what feels good to us right now. 

Conscious WebDesign is more than just the design for your website. This trajectory is designed from the perspective that your website (as being a multi-passionate entrepreneur) is a visual and digital reflection of not only your work, but of you as well. As such, we believe, your website should be a visual reflection of your core values, as well as provide all the information on what you do and why you are the person to work with. 

"CWD was a beautiful experience into myself and my business. The guided visualisations helped me a lot on understanding what I wanted for my site and being carried in this process by Ocean was like a mini retreat. I love the balance between Ocean & Noana, they both bring something different to the table in a complementary way! I'm very happy with the result!" 

- Jessica Luana


We uncover these core values in the first phase of our work together. During this stage, you get to (quite literally) sit back and relax. I design guided visualisations and meditations specifically for you, to really dive into your core values - and to dive into what your core values look like. 

But what does this mean? Let's say that you strongly feel that your work is about empowerment. That's beautiful! But how do we reflect that in your website? In other words what does empowerment literally look like to you?

These sorts of questions are the ones we dive into and uncover during the first couple weeks of working together.

After we have gained a clear direction concerning your core values and colour palette, we redirect our work towards a more structured approach. In this section, we create the written content for your website (and invite in the Masculine*).

And finally..... the Grand Finale. Union.

The delivery of your website. This part is (and has proven to be) super exciting! Whereas the first phase is more relaxed, more spacious, more healing (emotions can  come up during the visualisations & meditations), and the second phase has more of a go-get-'em vibe, this last bit is simply joyous, as our work is coming together. Crystallising. Blooming. Getting ready to be shown to the world, and to support you further in doing the work that you are so passionate about. 

If you've gotten this far with reading - I applaud you ;) Most people don't get this far, and I am flattered that you took the time to get here. I would love to have a chat with you about your business, and see if I can play any role in your further growth. 

click here to send me an email and schedule a call; we'll get to know each other a bit first, and there's no pressure for anything. Before we go anywhere together, I believe that we should both agree that it feels good, and that we're not only willing, but excited, to embark on this journey together. 

"Your multifacetedness .... is your website's future prowess."

Conscious WebDesign is available in both English and Dutch. 

Click here to download our brochure in English

Brochure in Dutch is coming soon!

*we work with the Feminine & Masculine energies as defined by polarity theory. Feel free to ask me any questions concerning this creates any confusion for you at this point. 

What we do in Conscious WebDesign ... is really diving into you

We go into the things that you offer

We explore why you offer them

Until we've reached your essences & the essences of your biz

and venture into what those things look like ..

to you

The current price for the entire 4-5 month trajectory + website is € 3111,-* excl. taxes. 


*for a 3-section website with standard functionalities. Contact us to inquire about extended functionalities.

Payment plans are available for no extra charge, and span for up to 5 months (+- €622,2 a month)

Click here to download our brochure in English

With so much love,

Ocean Gezina

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& Noana Smits

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