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Boudoir Shoot Soirée

Capture Your Sensual Essence

A night for you to reclaim and celebrate your sensuality and sensual expression; through movement, connection to your body, in the safety and presence of other women AND to be captured in those moments by a professional photographer.


What is BSS?

BSS is born from a desire and curiosity for sensual photography, from seeing how women celebrate their beauty and their bodies through photoshoots. This has always been magical to me; and inspiring; and a little bit intimidating too. 


I knew I also wanted to do a shoot like that. But to go there one-on-one with only a photographer, with little to distract me from the fact that there’d be a camera pointed at me, felt a little bit too far out of my comfort zone.


I instead imagined a space where I could just feel myself (as you know, you sometimes do ;) - when you walk past a mirror and your mind goes ‘dayuuummm’ or ‘I look really good today’; when you dance and it doesn't matter what that looks like; when you stroke your arms and face and feel the softness of your touch; when you feel sexy in front of your partner. I imagined a space where I could feel like that, and wherein I could be captured like that too. A space wherein I could focus on that feeling of connectedness to myself, on my sensuality. 


I imagined ‘how much fun would it be if I could just go somewhere every couple of weeks, and feel like that, and then also get those stunning pictures? Just a couple a night - and I’d build a portfolio over time’. 


BSS was conceived and gradually started to get more distinctive shapes. 

By now, this night is so much more than what I originally envisioned. It’s a space to connect to your sensuality, to express your sensuality in the company of other women. With Claudia Hendriks as a  photographer (who’s really really good too). She’s part of the sisterhood. She doesn’t stand apart, but she’ll be ready to capture you when you feel that deep connectedness to your Self and your senses - because that’s where true beauty and sensuality lay. 


As such, during BSS we’ll provide for all the tools to help you and guide you towards that place of connectedness. We’ll have a powerful AF opening ceremony.  We’ll also have three settings in which you can potentially be photographed in: soft & light, dark & seducing and colourful & expressive. We’ll have kimonos and fur coats to dress up (or down) in. We’ll have flowers and feathers and soft rugs and sheepies. We’ll have delicious pure foods and drinks that stimulate the senses of taste and smell. We’ll have music and dance.


We’ll have Sensual Freedom. 

"It was a really wonderful experience, that, I think, no matter who you are, or where you’re at in life, what your goal or intention is for the evening, everyone, anyone, would get from it exactly what they need."

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his is for the woman who 

  • longs to be more expressive in her sensuality, and would love to have a place where it feels safe to express ALL of her, no matter what that looks like. Afraid you’ll be too much? During this evening, we invite you to express even MORE of your too muchness.

  • would love to connect to other women that are going through a journey of exploration. Who desires to feel that she is not alone in her desire to get more juicy, playful and sensual.


  • feels slightly uncomfortable at the idea of being photographed in your sensuality, but it also kinda excites you

  • has caught herself wanting to ALLOW herself to feel like that; in this space we break through internalized patriarchal beliefs around slutshaming, body shaming, and ideas that confuse self-love with narcissism

  • feels her ALIVENESS through sensual movement & connecting to her femininity / feminine essence (spoiler, this is true for all of us, it's just a matter of connecting to those energies). It is her connection to life itself. It is her connection to Self and it is her connection to God. And she, just like us, believes that there needs to be more space to express that in our world. 

  • has been thinking about doing a sensual shoot, but hasn't been sure about the awkward posing, or the cost of a shoot like that, but you still wants to have stunning photos of herself that she are allowed to use both for personal use as well as for business/branding (yummy)!

  • just wants to have FUN; Some women-only time, female connection & companionship. We all know the beauty and the softness present in those spaces (and if you don't, honey pleaseee join us)

an awakening & reconnecting to your sensuality, your prowess, power, confidence, love, self-esteem that lays within the recognition of your beauty that is the Sensual Feminine

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“I was impressed from the moment I walked in, and you set the whole vibe and space so meticulously. You really created a space, not a lot of people can say that and mean it. From the moment I walked in I just felt guided into a very serene, soft, safe, sensual space - very held by the Feminine. And the way that you guided, the exercises, the group, the evening, the way you led the evening was true spaceholding. True spaceholding and really leading us to a deep space within ourselves and I reckon every woman went to the space that was perfect for her. You gave enough guidance for us to really go on a journey, and there was enough space for us to go where we needed to go - which is very special when you think about it, because that’s striking a delicate balance between Masculine and Feminine direction and openness. It was a really wonderful experience, that I think, no matter who you are, or where you’re at in life, what your goal or intention is for the evening, everyone, anyone, would get from it exactly what they need. So, thank you again!”

                                    - Imaya

“I felt really safe in the space you created, it felt as if I could truly enjoy my own beauty and sensuality. I was a bit nervous to do so because I usually feel very conscious of myself and how I’m perceived when I dance or express myself sensually and I noticed this ‘fear’ receded throughout the evening. It was really nice to get into it all with our eyes closed so I wouldn’t ‘worry’ about being judged or looked at. Throughout the night I noticed I could let go of those ideas that I have to look perfect or every movement has to be good in order to feel sensual. I liked the meditation, it was really nice as I felt I was going at the same pace as you guiding us through the movements. It helped me feel comfortable with the other people that were there as well. 


When I left to go to the bathroom and came back into the space, I could feel the warm, welcoming and feminine sensual energy the room was filled with. 


The thing that attracted me to the evening was also the fact that pictures would be taken without you having to pose or be in an actual ‘shoot’ because I feel a bit self conscious in front of the camera and don’t really enjoy it. So I really liked the fact that it was going to be ‘unnoticed’.”​

                                    - Isle

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to the worship of your beauty

she lives inside your soul

he details 


  • DATE: our next gathering will take place in September 2022. Email us to reserve your spot already for an extra early bird price 

  • LOCATION: The Dance Temple in Amsterdam (extremely well reachable by public transport, bike, or car).

  • PRICE: 155,55 EUR (Tickets price will go up as the date gets closer babe! Better to get it sooner rather than later)

Some further info

  • This will be an intimate gathering (only 10 tickets are on sale). We will be with a maximum of 15 women including  facilitators, Angels (spaceholders), and photographer.

  • Light foods & non-alcoholic drinks will be provided. 

  • Please bring whatever clothing aids you in feeling sensual. To compliment that, we will also have kimonos & fur coats available in the space. 

  • Tickets are *not* refundable (but can be resold in case you cannot make it anymore)

  • Just to clarify; BSS focusses on sensual expression and we acknowledge and celebrate the many forms and shapes that this can take. Notwithstanding this, this is *not* a sexual space. Nudity is surely welcome (after all, we encourage you to explore what your sensual expresion looks like), but touching of genitalia or other explicitly sexual acts are not. 

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