"you captured the magic of my soul and dreams in colors and lights" - S.

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Does not capture a moment in time as a picture does


She captures a part of her soul

visual portals into your feminine essence

The Process

Welcome Gorgeous

I am beyond honoured already that you might be interested to have your Feminine Essence captured through me.

I say through me, not by me, because this is an intimate process, a deep exchange between your energetic field and mine, guided by what some call Source, some call the Universe. I simply call her Her. 

The musifications are my only offer that are truly open to anyone and everyone; there's no discovery call involved, as we will hardly be working together in this plane of existence. I will tap into your field, and channel your Feminine Essence into the portrait. 

The only requirements are that, in order to warrant the quality of my work, the pictures must be in a good resolution. It must still be sharp when viewed on desktop - a photograph that becomes pixilated on desktop already will not suffice. If you have any questions about the exact specifications, please email me. 

It must also be clear that I will deliver your musification as soon as possible - this, however, can span from a period of hours to days to weeks. After receiving your deposit, the open spot for your musification is yours for that price (even if the price goes up before I get to finish her). Once I can guarantee to you that she'll be delivered to you within a week, I'll send you a payment request for the 2nd part of the exchange. 

I would be deeply honoured to capture your Feminine Essence, to be allowed to tap into your field and channel Her into a piece of Art for you. 

Let me celebrate you in this way.

With so much love,

Ocean Gezina 

The Exhchange

  • A Channeled Musification currently goes for 111,- EUR (excl. taxes if applicable*)

  • Your spot is booked after a 50% deposit

  • I need to receive a high-quality picture in order to do my magic as beautifully as I possibly can for you

  • Preferrably I receive 3 pictures which you all consider beautiful options for your musification! This way, I can feel into which one calls to me most and work with that one

  • You will receive a version for Socials by whatsapp, as well as a high-res version by email.

*a 21% tax is only applicable in case you desire an invoice. Contact me for more information. 

The Impact

"I can feel it in my heart" - D.

“My heart skipped a beat 🤩💜 you captured the magic of my soul and dreams in colors and lights 🙏🏻😇💕 I’m in Awe of you, thank you queen oshun” - S.

“💫 so immensely grateful for this oh so special and beautiful piece of art.. it brings me back to that moment of giving birth, the magical pause in between the strong waves, the deep trust I felt, the immense primal natural power (OERKRACHT 😍🔥) that was circulating through my whole existence…… no words can describe this bizarre state of being when you’re in ‘labour land’... but your artwork comes very very close to being in this life portal together with our son.. THANK YOU ocean! 🤎✨🙏🏻✨🤎” - E.

“thank you Ocean queen, 


Oh myyyy


This is soooo magical


Its the most beautiful reflection of the magic I feel inside of me right now that my dreams are coming true.


And all these colours are amaziiiiiing, I’m lost for words. 


Thank you for capturing me dancing with the stars.


they are all around me cocreating the most magical dance that is this life.


Sending you so much love” - S.

“This babe has never even seen me in the flesh and is channeling my Soul as if it’s as simple as walking. 🙊” - S.



I loooooooooove

Thank you 💖🤤💓💕💗💖💓💗💕💓💖💗💕💕" - I.

“Yesterday I received my musification from @flowceanocean and it felt as if time stood still. My feminine essence captured in one image, wow, just wow! I wanted to use one of the pictures of my pregnancy shoot of 6 years ago since I felt this picture was the best representation of my feminine essence. When I look at it, it just feels so much as me.” - J

“With this magic I’m putting CWD on my wishlist. I’m not ready yet but I know we work in divine timing babe… this came out so magical it’s the absolute essence of what I want to share so I feel very aligned with your magic 🥰🥰🥰” - S.

"😳😱😍🥰🥰🥰🥰 omg is so pretty!!!!

You're turning me into a spell weaver!

Love love love love love love love love love love love 💓

Dankjewel lief

I'm seriously obsessed!" - V.

“I’m one very happy customer! I’ve already referred you to others who loved the portrait ;) <3” - J.


Initiation into

The Sensual Feminine

an 1: 1 intimate container unleashing your sensual connection & expression
For she
who desires to live her life with all the pleasure & zest 
she is meant to live it with


Boudoir Shoot Soirée

Your sensuality
Looks like whatever you want her to look like


She may look like all
Or none
Of those things 

But whatever she’s like to you - she is 
Where your beauty resides 

For your beauty
She lives inside your soul

element gold 32.png
element gold 21.png
element gold 28.png

and for those of you who have been drooling over this website

for those of you who desire an online space ....

that reflects you to your core

Conscious WebDesign

A 3-4 month 1: 1 trajectory into the essences of you and your brand 


into your business as an extension of your passions

And this, babes....

this is for the Soulpreneurs


is the portal

into the Devine Feminine

element gold 14.png
element gold 33.png