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Introductory Body Activation Course

Welcome to the overview page of the Introductory Body Activation Course. This course is for all of you who are starting to feel the desire, are starting to feel an urge, to (re)connect to your bodies. 

Why (re)connect to your body?

Your body is a place that holds more knowledge, more wisdom, more guidance than you could even imagine. This course is designed to help you to start to tap into all of that juiciness.

Today, in the way our world works, we place a lot of emphasis on the mind. Our minds are like our authorities - it is to them that we listen. It is them we follow. But what many of us have forgotten, is that this is a construct of the mind itself. 

Our minds are beautiful, magical & complex networks, computers, but our minds can also be sneaky - and having convinces us that we should always follow the mind is one of those sneaky little actions ;) 

Don't worry though, and don't blame yourself or your gorgeous brain. There's so much beauty to the mind as well, all the things she can do... the speeds in which she can go... But the mind can get so caught up in herself that she sometimes forgets that she is not alone, that she might not always know best, and that not everything can go as fast.

Because the body needs time. Our bodies need time - yours too. For one, our bodies need time to integrate all the beautiful findings, ideas, concepts that our minds have created or observed. This process is how we embody knowledge, and people tend to describe this as the difference between knowing (conceptual knowledge) and knowing (embodied knowledge). 

But just in the ways that our minds aid us in decision making, in the birthing of ideas & projects, and in so many other beautiful things, the body has this capacity too. Your body actually speaks to you all the time - but we are yet to learn to listen. 

And that is what this course is all about. I provide you with guidance & exercises to start to really connect to your body; to feel your body, and to learn how to listen to what she has to say. 





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