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"you captured the magic of my soul and dreams in colors and lights" - S.

My Magic

Conscious WebDesign

"The website of the soulpreneur is more than a website. It is a reflection of her passions & her soul"

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Sensual Liberty

A Sensual Liberation. A reclamation. An empowering. Guided by me. All women only - for women, by women.

"A soft dipping in of your toes into Sensual Liberation, in the loving presence of other women. An initiation, an introduction, a gentle getting acquainted with."

"A path of Integration, Embodiment, and Deepening in connection with the body & self-love." Click here for more info. First round starts April 3rd '23. 

"Ocean, you know what the world needs more of" - A. 


"She does not capture a moment in time as a picture does. Instead, she captures a part of her soul".

Channeled Visual Portals into your Feminine Essence. 

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Graphic Design

Graphic design by Heart. Click here. 

Collaborations & Live Events

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