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Here you'll find my transmissions, masterclasses, visualisations & guided meditations for sale. These are potent works, that speak to multiple levels of your systems. Your conscious mind. Your unconscious mind. Your physical, energetic, and emotional bodies. 

You'll find here an ever-expanding collection of:

✨ Masterclasses for sale

✨ Transmissions for spiritual growth & healing, deeper self-love, and a closer connection to your body

✨ Visualisations & guided meditations

✨ Guided movement practices for sensual & sexual healing and deepening

You are always free to approach me with custom desires my love. I'd be more than happy to channel and design you a custom visualisation or transmission to speak directly and specifically into what you are desiring to work on in this moment. Email me here to inquire.

✨ Custom visualisations/transmissions are available from €44,- onwards.

Most of my work taps into either a portion or a combination of the following topics, entrances & directions: 


✨ Deepening in self-love

✨ Body-positivity

✨ Spiritual growth & healing

✨ Hypnosis

✨ Improving the connection to the body

✨ Embracing sensuality

✨ Inner peace

✨ Guilt-free and deep relaxation

✨ Self-acceptance, self-esteem & self-compassion

✨ Enhancing intimacy

✨ Sexual and sensual empowerment

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