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Rising from the Soft



Parasympathetic Nervous System

a FREE online workshop

May 10th

19:00 EEST

via Zoom

"Exactly what I needed and just so healing in so many ways" 

- A.


This workshop is a deep invitation into exploring the kinds of movement and touch that serve your body at its deepest.


A deep listening and tuning in, and starting from that space of deep connection to our bodies and the safety that resides therein.


Only from safety, and from access to our deep relaxation, can the Feminine truly flow, and be, and feel. And so, this is our starting point.


We drop in.

We connect.

We deepen.


we move & embody


And then, and only then, when we have arrived in a space wherein our bodies can fully lean back, lean in, and we can let ourselves be moved by life and the Sensual Feminine residing within us, do we introduce our sensual expression into that. And to deeply feel that our Sensual expression, our Sensual Self, is not only beautiful, but that her radiance is deserving to be seen & felt. 

"It's like through the slow grounding the heaviness would be lifted and I would feel like my light heart self again. This has become the holiness in my life." 



Join the FREE workshop

Amazing beautiful! Can't wait to see you, and be with you, as we deepen into our bodies on the 10th of May. Keep an eye out on your inbox for further details xx


Ocean Gezina

See you there, beautiful one.


Just like a new relationship with all the potential for true depth

We do not rush into this.

We get to know our bodies & our Sensual Selves

through Devotion

through Courtship

though commitment to Self

through a fully-choosing

Just as your female body opens up to the partner you can trust fully

your female body opens up fully

gifting you all of her gifts, pleasures & wisdoms

when she can fully trust you

and fully feel

your devotion to her too. 

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