Sensual Self-Seduction

Sensual Self-Seduction is all about self-love, self-pleasure, and self-care practices. In this course we dive deep into getting to know your own body, your own touch, what gives you pleasure & how to make love to yourself (both in- and outside the bedroom ;) ). 

How we dive DEEP into gifting & receiving PLEASURE

Welcome love,

I am SO excited about this project. Here we dive DEEP into pleasure. Experiencing pleasure is all about being able to RECEIVE pleasure - and in order to receive we have to be open. And we can only be open when we (& maybe even more importantly) our BODY feels SAFE. 

So that is what the first part of this course is all about - you making your body feel safe. 

After we know how to de-stress & decompress our bodies, we dive deeper into opening ourselves up to actually receive pleasure - and cultivating a deep understanding & knowing that we are ALLOWED pleasure. That pleasure is your birthright, that you are worthy of pleasure, and that your pleasure MATTERS. 

For the last part of this course we go deeper into more self-pleasure practices kind of work. During these last stages, we will discover how pleasure is all about not having pleasure (or orgasm) as a goal in & of itself. Instead, self-pleasure practices through which we honour our bodies, and allow space for whatever comes up in the process, will actually lead us to the most pleasurable experiences. 

This course is all around YOU being able to gift pleasure to YOURSELF. However, the better your understanding of what gives you pleasure, the better you will learn what you actually want with your partners as well - so this course might shake some things up, and it will be SO full-body-orgasm-kind of worth it.