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A path of Integration, Embodiment, and Deepening in connection with the body & self-love.


You spoke.

I listened.

It's here.

A journey designed for the woman who is ready to feel herself again. For the woman who is ready to be in pleasure again. For the woman who is ready to feel beautiful and empowered again.

This is for the woman who is ready to take back the reigns of her own body, pleasure & self-love. 

Within the Journey 3-in person Sensual Liberty gatherings will be included.

There will be bi-weekly deepening meditations, visualisations, movement practices, embodiment exercises, journaling prompts. 

Besides that, we'll move within a community platform wherein you are invited to share, support each other, celebrate each other (& yourselves !) and cheer each other on.

We will deepen

and focus on giving you the tools & the space to integrate.

To shed your confining skins

and crack open

drop deeper

feel more 

of your own richness 

To learn to listen to your body's whispers.


Just like a new relationship with all the potential for true depth

We do not rush into this.

We get to know our bodies & our Sensual Selves

through Devotion

through Courtship

though commitment to Self

through a fully-choosing

Just as your female body opens up to the partner you can trust fully

your female body opens up fully

gifting you all of her gifts, pleasures & wisdoms

when she can fully trust you

and fully feel

your devotion to her too. 


You'll receive

  • Attendance to 3 in-person Sensual Liberty Gatherings to go deeply into practice in a space with other women (healing & deep nourishment through women only spaces) 

  • Bi-weekly practices to get into courtship with yourself, to practice Devotion to your Self & your Body, and to do so in ways that you can easily integrate into the business of daily life (BIG value bomb right here)

  • Access to an online community in which you're encouraged to share, celebrate & support each other. I will be an active member of this group myself. A space to share your insights & gifts that naturally flow from a deepening to your Sensual Self. 


With 3 in-person gatherings wherein I hold and guide you into deep reverence and connection to your own body. To the depths of being in true awe with your body. 

We open ourselves to an over 3 month journey together 

Wherein we deeply connect to our bodies

Wherein we deeply feel, touch, listen.

Wherein we integrate & embody.

For you to marvel

and drop down onto your knees

in pure reverence to your own body

Praying with your movements

in gratitude for all she does for you

And to deeply feel this.

When a woman walks out of our gathering, and she speaks the words "I didn't even know I missed this", or she tells me how much more this was needed than she realised before, I feel a deep anchoring in my body and a deep dropping down into my bones.

My heart expands.

My eyes glow.

Not because of the recognition (sure, that feels nice), but because I can feel how this woman has received something that she was craving for. Because I feel how she walks out more nourished and more connected. 

This, I want to give to you. In all the depth that I can offer it. 

Every other week, I give you yet another tool, another practice, to deepen into your relationship with your body & self-love. We do this for 3 months (!!). We have an online community platform to share, celebrate & support each other as we go on this journey together. And 3 Sensual Liberty in-person gatherings are included.

Join me on this journey for only €222,-

Claim your spot now for this 3-6 month journey here.

And let me give you a quick layout of the timeline:

  • The 3 gatherings are to be attended within the scope of 6 months after committing to the journey. From July onwards again, we'll have monthly gatherings happening in Amsterdam. 

  • If in-person proves challenging for you, there will be online options too. 

  • Throughout the 3 months after purchase you'll receive bi-weekly practices for embodiment, integration & deepening that you can weave into your everyday life. 

  • There'll be an online community space where we share, celebrate, support - and of which I'll be an active member myself so I'll be available to you there as well.

In my opinion.... €222,- is a ridiculously low price for all of this 🫦

Contact me if you want in babe. It's here for you. 

With so much love,

Ocean Gezina

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