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Up until now, we have defined beauty solely through the male gaze.


This, my love, is a problem, as this puts the agency we hold around our feeling beautiful in the hands of men. It is time to take that agency back, and redefine beauty as women. In order to do this, we redefine beauty not even through the Female Gaze, but through my proposed Feminine Gaze. I call this, The Gaze of Beauty.

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The Gaze of Beauty

We all like beauty; we like looking at beautiful things, we like looking beautiful, we like feeling beautiful.


As we should. 


Beauty plays a big role in our every day life, and unfortunately, not always in a beautiful way. A lack of beauty can be an extremely painful thing to deal with.

To not feel beautiful when you look in the mirror, or even feel ugly or disgusted... is so so painful. And I really wish that differently for you my love. Because it really can be different for you. Yes, also for you - trust me. 

You can look into the mirror and see a beautiful & radiant woman. You can look into the mirror and see the smoothness of your curves. You can look into the mirror and see those gorgeous tiger-stripes we call striae as nothing but gorgeous tiger-stripes, marks of the warrioress. Sexy. Full of fire. Beautiful. 

You don't have to look into the mirror and see too fat & ugly. And it breaks my heart that so many of us women do.

I used to.

By now, I am a firm believer that beauty actually has VERY little to do with external physical features. 

Instead, beauty is a way of looking at the world. Beauty is a way of looking at yourself. And in THE GAZE OF BEAUTY - I'm going to teach you how.

How to see your own beauty. How to FEEL beautiful more often than not. How to see the beauty around you. 

Because the Gaze of Beauty holds Love & Compassion. Excitement & Passion. 


Are you ready to look into the mirror and see your radiant & gorgeous self? 

Are you ready to look into the mirror, and get physically turned-on? 

(Vain? Maybe. Healthy? I damn well think so!)

Are you ready to let go of feeling miserable when you look into the mirror, to let go of feeling ''ugly''? 

Join us, my love, in The Gaze of Beauty. 

With so much love,

Ocean Gezina

Starting May 11th 2023

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"Many [affluent, educated, liberated women of the First World, who can enjoy freedoms unavailable to any woman ever before], are ashamed to admit that such trivial concerns—to do with physical appearance, bodies, faces, hair, clothes—matter so much. But in spite of shame, guilt, and denial, more and more women are wondering if it isn’t that they are entirely neurotic and alone but rather that something important is indeed at stake that has to do with the relationship between female liberation and female beauty."

- Naomi Wolf (The Beauty Myth)

What You'll Get

  • The Gaze of Beauty 5 week program in which you will learn knowledge & tools that can help you deepen your relationship to yourself and to seeing Beauty for the rest of you life (it is HIGHLY recommended that you integrate some of these tools into your daily life)

  • The program includes written articles (+ sources if you wanna dive even deeper), a suggested reading list, pre-recorded Masterclasses, Lectures & Embodiment Practices, Journaling Prompts & Reflection Invites, Integration Tools, Art (poetry & visual arts).... This program is literally PACKED with knowledge, tools, and practices. 

  • Monthly live Q&A sessions (to which you'll have access FOREVER*)

  • Access to our private Discussion Platform & Continuous Community

*forever in this case being as long as the program remains active - which I suspect will be many years to come.

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