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Image fragment of "Portrait of a lady" by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Below, my love, you can find my upcoming events - both my own birthings & creations, as well as those by others who inspire me deeply, and whose events I am deeply honoured to be a part of. 

  • TO BE ANNOUNCED - Boudoir Shoot Soirée (2nd edition) (Amsterdam)

"A night centered around your connection with and expression of your Sensuality & Sensual Self (female only)" 


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  • 8th of April 2023 - Sensual Liberty - A Women's Circle (Amsterdam)

        "A dipping in of your toes into sensual liberation, in the loving presence of other women. An initiation, an introduction, a soft getting acquainted with." ONLY 2 MORE SPOTS AVAILABLE

      € 36,66 

ticketlink Sensual Liberty 10th of February

  • 30th of April 2023 - Connecting Crochet

"A women-only crochet workshop, as to gather in creation amongst women. A fun, playful, light, connecting afternoon!

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  • POSTPONED - Ceremony Mistress for Dark Delight (ceremony by Animalab, Amsterdam) 

"We access the collective mind through the singular individual perception of beauty to explore the depths and expression of our inner world." 

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